Byosen Scanning

Byosen scanning is a method that I use during my treatment sessions to detect disrupted energy or areas of dis-ease. ‘Byo’ means illness or sickness and ‘sen’ means present or line.

The method involves starting at the client’s crown with the practitioner’s hand about two inches away from the client’s body. Using slow sweeping movements work downwards to the feet. If there is an area where a different sensation is felt in the palm (hot, cold, pulling / stickiness, tingling, pulsing, pain) then this is paused over and notes made of what is felt before moving on. Feedback may also be in the form of a mental image, colours or a sound. These sensations and impressions are known as ‘hibiki’, which means echo or reverberation. By identifying an area with a different energy to the rest of the body, this acts as a guide to where to focus the healing.



The presence of dis-ease does not necessarily mean a physical illness, it can be emotional dis-ease, stress, anger, resentment or attachment. There may or may not be any symptoms that the client is experiencing or aware of. Energetic blockages or imbalances in the chakras / etheric field can manifest themselves in numerous ways as dis-ease in the body. The key here is to use Byosen scanning to identify the area in need of attention, and to use this knowledge to direct healing to that area. As a Reiki practitioner, it is not our place to diagnose a specific illness or condition, however we can use the skills available to us to identify the area to which we need to direct the energies we work with.


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