Price List


Initial Consultation                                                           15 mins        No charge

Reiki                                                                               45 mins        £30

Distance Reiki                                                                 30 mins        £25

Crystal Therapy                                                               45 mins        £25

Colour Therapy                                                                45 mins        £25

Indian Head Massage                                                      30 mins        £25

Reiki with Crystal Therapy / Colour Therapy                       60 mins        £45

Aromatherapy Consultation with own blend                        45 mins        £25

Animal Reiki                                                                        45 mins        £25


All first appointments will include an initial 15 minute consultation. This will include some general lifestyle and medical questions to ascertain your needs and expectations and also to check for anything which may prevent or restrict the treatment you receive. This is to ensure your safety and well being and to ensure that the treatment is tailored to you to best meet your needs.

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