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Rose Quartz


Rose quartz is a translucent pink variety of quartz, which is easily obtainable in both its natural and polished forms. As the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace, it is also known by a number of names including ‘the stone of unconditional love’, ‘the heart stone’ and ‘the stone of reconciliation’.


Natural rose quartz


Legend and history


Greek myth tells how Adonis, the mortal lover of Aphrodite, was attacked by a boar. As she rushed to save him, Aphrodite was caught on a thorn bush. As the lovers’ blood mingled, it coloured the white quartz pink, and the stone became a symbol of love. Scientifically, it is thought that the pink colouration is due to trace amounts of titanium, iron or manganese, other thoughts are that the colouration is due to microscopic fibres within the stone.

Quartz crystals were thought to be used by ancient civilizations as powerful talismans and used in in their healing potions. The ancient Egyptians believed rose quartz could clear the complexion and prevent wrinkles and ageing, masks of the crystal have even been found in the Egyptian tombs.


The stone of love


Quartz crystals are well known for their ability to amplify energy, and rose quartz amplifies feelings of love, compassion, empathy, acceptance and forgiveness both towards ones self and others. It encourages self love, self trust and self worth. Rose quartz is also known for its aphrodisiac properties – it can raise sensuality, and as such is an excellent stone for romantic relationships, be it attracting, igniting or rekindling. In existing relationships it helps to restore unconditional love, trust and harmony.

The energy of rose quartz resonates with the heart chakra and higher heart chakra, opening the heart and bringing compassion, self love and deep inner healing.


polished rose quartz



Easing the emotions


Rose quartz lowers emotional stress and tensions, helping to dispel negative emotions and feelings of anger, jealousy, and resentment. These tensions can cause dis-ease if not addressed. The calming and reassuring effects of rose quartz also make it a wonderful crystal for use in times of grief, crisis and trauma.

Although rose quartz is thought of as a gentle stone, it has the power to delve deep into the subconscious mind to deal with suppressed negative feelings, emotions, pain and memories. We may not be aware of these in the conscious mind and they may even manifest physically or emotionally as something else. Releasing them may be painful, but all for our highest good with the peace of mind that follows. Placing rose quartz under your pillow may allow these feelings to come to us in our dreams ready for us to consciously deal with them. If the process becomes too uncomfortable seeking professional medical help such as counselling would be advisable.


pink clouds


Physical uses


Rose quartz strengthens the physical heart and circulatory system. It is believed to help lower high blood pressure and protect against heart attacks, thrombosis and even varicose veins. To aid chest and lung problems, try placing this stone on the thymus. It is also thought to heal the kidneys and adrenal glands, releasing impurities from bodily fluids.

Rose quartz has been known for supporting with skins conditions since early civilisations. It is thought to reduce signs of ageing and reveal a more youthful complexion. It can help soothe burns or blisters, and can be used as an elixir in this respect. As well as hastening recovery of skin conditions it can be useful generally for promoting healing.

Rose quartz is a maternal crystal, promoting and strengthening the bond between mother and baby. It can be placed on the stomach during pregnancy and even can soothe a newborn if left near the baby . It has the power to increase fertility and to is said to protect both mother and unborn fetus from miscarriage.


Rose quartz tips


  • Place by your bed to improve current relationships or attract new love
  • Place in the relationship corner of your home or bedroom (far right corner)
  • Wear over the heart chakra
  • To aid grieving prepare a gem essence using rose quartz and add it to your bath water
  • Carry with you in your pocket to benefit from the comforting, soothing and loving energies of this stone



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What is amethyst?

Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz and comes in a range of shades from lavender to deep purple.

Its name comes from the greek ‘ἀ’ meaning ‘not’ and ‘méthystos’ meaning ‘intoxicated’, as in Roman times it was believed that this stone protected its owner from drunkenness. Throughout the ages it has been a highly prized stone, known for its powers to soothe the mind and emotions.

Amethyst is a very powerful stone with a high spiritual vibration which works in the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes to promote calm, balance, and peace. It is an excellent all-purpose stone that is predominantly associated with the third eye and crown chakras but can also open the heart chakra. An excellent spiritual stone, it is said to enhance intuition and psychic powers by making a clear connection between the earth and other planes.

amethyst point

The protective stone

Known for being a protective stone, amethyst guards against psychic attack, paranormal harm or ill wishes from others. It transmutes the negative energy into positive loving energy before returning it back to the universe.

The natural tranquiliser

Amethyst is a natural tranquilizer, relieving stress and irritability and dispelling anger, fear and anxiety. Emotionally, amethyst helps balance mood swings and brings about stability and emotional inner strength. It is often used to gently help deal with personal losses and grief due to its gentle and sedative energy. It is a good crystal to support with overcoming addictions such as those to alcohol, drugs, smoking, etc, and also with destructive or compulsive behaviours.

The dream stone

If you suffer from insomnia, try placing an amethyst under your pillow. Known as the dream stone it can bring about intuitive dreams and help with remembering and understanding them.



Amethyst has the dual capability of being both calming and stimulating to the mind. It is an excellent stone to carry, wear or meditate with when dealing with legal problems negotiations and business matters, enabling intellectual reasoning. It calms irate temperaments and hotheadedness, providing a strong advantage in situations where debating is required. Amethyst is also known to assist with financial issues and bring about prosperity and abundance, though citrine is also a very good stone for this.

Electromagnetc radiation

In the age where virtually every household has a multitude of electronic devices, there is understandably concern over the potential effects of exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Place a cluster of amethyst near your computer or other electronic devices to offer EMF protection.


The all purpose stone

Other conditions that amethyst is said to assist with include:

  • headaches – rub it across your forehead to bring relief from a headache

  • arthritis – particularly when used as an elixir

  • diabetes

  • pain relief

  • reducing bruising and swelling

  • skin conditions

  • circulatory system issues – supporting oxygenation of the blood

  • hearing disorders

  • boosts hormone production

  • endocrine system problems

  • dis-ease of the digestive tract and intestines

  • dis-ease of the lungs and respiratory tract, including asthma

  • chronic fatigue

  • fibromyalgia

  • strengthens the immune system

  • overcoming phobias

  • pregnancy

  • PMS and menopause

Please note that although crystals are thought to assist us as described above, they should not be considered as a cure should not be used as a substite for conventional medical advice and treatment, though they can be used alongside these. Please always seek a doctors advice with any medical concerns.

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