cochran recommendation

I was very interested in trying holistic therapies as normal medical procedures were not helping ease the pain in my back and leg.

During the appointment i was made to feel very comfortable and relaxed. I was asked quite a few questions about my condition, what i would like to see from it and what i expected from it. All of my options were thoroughly explained to me and what each treatment involved.

I chose to receive Crystal Therapy and Reiki.

The crystal therapy treatment was not what i expected at all; it was very relaxing and i was asked to wear some crystals on my back as well as having several placed around me. I didn’t actually need to do anything but lay there and let the crystals do their work. During this treatment we had a lovely conversation about holistic therapies and the therapist is clearly incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about their art. It was only about 30 minutes in i realised that the pain in my back had not gone but had eased considerably. Remarkable considering i thought i was just having stones plonked on me!

The reiki was a completely new experience to me and something i will most definitely arrange again and again.

I was asked to lay on the therapy table and close my eyes whilst the therapist went through some procedure. She then went through the reiki treatment, some of which i cant remember as i was so relaxed i fell asleep!

At the completion of the therapy i sat up feeling like i’d had a good 10 hours sleep, the pain had subsided even more and i felt absolutely refreshed. Afterwards the therapist, went through the post treatment instructions and I left relaxed, refreshed and a lot more confident in holistic therapy. Although i believe the crystals helped more initially with the pain i genuinely preferred the reiki treatment, it was probably the most relaxing experience in my life.

All in all i wholeheartedly recommend Elysian Holistic Therapies, not just for the quality of the treatment but because of how at ease i was during the whole process.

Kind regards

Mr S